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It is important to keep up with ideas old and new. Here are some of the books, articles, web sites, papers and blogs that we have found to be thought-provoking. We hope you do too. It's good to share!

Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

A great read and you will surely be familiar with some of the examples of bad strategy given: fluff, once more over the top, wishful thinking and number games amongst others. The good strategy makes an awful lot of sense and is something worth adopting when formulating strategy.

Inside the Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenburg

A must-read for anyone interested in product development and innovative thinking. It provides you with some great thinking tools to help you innovate. 

Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunites by Sharon Boller

An insightful piece about trends in eLearning/eTraining and a quick read. You can access the white paper here.

The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silva

We all use numbers, statistics and forecasting in our organisations. They can be very useful. They can also be very dangerous if mis-used. Nate Silver shows us why. A real tour-de-force of statistics, probability and the art of predicting that takes in the Great Financial Crash, poker, weather forecasting, predicting earthquakes and much, much more. If you work with numbers, budgets and forecasting but are no statistician, do read this. Predictions...handle with care.

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